пятница, 10 июля 2015 г.

Как играть Bob Dylan - Man of Constant Sorrow

Man of Constant Sorrow
by Bob Dylan
D G C (x1)
D G (hold)

D          G                           C
Iiiiiiii a man of constant sorrow,
           D                                    G (hold)
And I dont drugs for all my days.
D            G                   C
Iiiiiii say goodbye to Colorado,
               D                                   G (hold)
Where I was born and partly raised.
Instrumental: D G C
D G (hold)
D                                   G               C
Yooooooour mother says im a stranger;
            D                                         G (hold)
and in my faaaace you see the war.
D                             G                         C
Buuuuuut theres one I will make you,
                         D                        G (hold)
and see your face at golden shore.
Instrumental: D G C
D G (hold)
D G (hold)
D                                                  G                            C
Throuuuuuuuuugh this open world I bound to ramble,
               D                                    G (hold)
through the iceeee, sleet and rain,
D                         G                             C
iiiiiiiii bound to ride that mornin' railroad,
        D                                       G (hold)
and I diiiieee on that damn train.

Instrum: D G C, D G (hold)
D                                 G           C
Buuuuuut im going back to Colorado,
       D                                   G (hold)
the place that iiii started from.
D                   G                          C
If iiiiiii know how bad you'd treat me,
D                                           G (hold) 

theeen I neeeever would come.